Saturday, May 1, 2010

When I was young I wanted to go to military school but daddy died and alone mom couldn't pay tuition. I knew I was special so didn’t want to follow tradition go to public school dropout and not have a pot to piss in
my dad was in the air force so of course he raised me militant ,so since I couldn't go to military school to the streets I enlisted.
Although not in military but public school I kept the fascination of guns. In the 9th grade I got arrested for a shoty so there I go to spafford in a juvy is where they threw me
coming out of the juvy without telling on the people that gave me the gun made it easier to get another one.
I knew the code of the street was to remain silent or become a morgues next client. So I didn't speak! Didn't want to be covered in a white sheet with a toe tag on my feet forever asleep.
My name is ringing bells so many stories people tell but none are accurate. Nobody can tell my story of glory but me. But I don't really like to brag or boast even though I had more than most. I kept low key
I ran around with the kids I grew up with cause they was just like me very trust worthy and the same goals money power and hoes triple beam dreams jewellery cars and clothes, we all clicked we labeled our clique the bellacos.
From nickel and dimming we began enterprising and organizing. In the drug and gun game we were terrorizing cause not being poor any more was so satisfying.
The bond us kids had for one another was so strong, if u saw 1 of us there was definitely 2 or 3 of us close by tagging along
Well when I was 16 I was so lucky to be amongst A few members of my team, because a friend of mine had some problems so of course we go with him to solve them, it just didn't work that way, now we are used to gun play but that day the gun was being pointed my way! And the gun sprayed, got hit twice once In the arm and once in my knee, if wasn't for my man another day wouldn't be promised to see, he dives on me and takes one in the neck almost lost his life and it was me he was trying to protect
Now I lay bleeding profusely on a cold concrete floor out my wounds the blood continues to pour, I'm in shock, I gather enough strength to pick myself up and my boy we jump in our car and head to montifore!
The ride to the hospital was 5 min away, but it felt like forever while me and my man lay bleeding on the cars leather , I was conscious but my man kept passing out, as soon as we get through the emergency doors he just fell out
The expressions on the doctors face gave me the impression
Our life was seriously at stake
My friends gunshot wound was called an in and out, not me I wasn't that lucky, I got one in the knee but the one that did harm was the one shot to my arm cause it travelled through my armpit back into my chest and stopped by my lung, Mommy didn't know how close she was to losing her son
Getting shot made me so violent I wasn't going to get shot first ever again!! Instead ill let my gun burst first while trying to defend my men
After I left the hospital it took about 6 months to re cooperate, I couldn't stand up straight, was missing a chunk of meat from my right knee! My arm was shattered I couldn't even lift a bar of soap, at that time life was so hard to cope
Edgar and me was the first to get shot on our team, fortunately we survived. Unfortunately it wasn't the same for my peers I would lose them all in the coming years
Raphael pro2 Rosa-shot 5 times
Orlando Rivas-shot 2 times
Christopher Gresham-shot 1 time
Johnny "bunca" Lewis-shot 1 time
Richie "blue" villa-shot 1 time
Edgar" ill" Morales-stabbed 1 time
Eddie" po" Rodriguez-shot 1time
Dave "caddy Dave"-shot 5 times
Eliseo benitez-shot 1 time
elberto" koko"gonzales-shot 1 time

Albert "Infinite" Carrasco‏

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