Wednesday, May 12, 2010


by Matthew Scarlett

The Red Sun rose hazily.
Lighting a dead earth's dessert plateaus.
Life did not flourish- it died.
Civilization- a crumbled monument.
But, on the ion plains, a talisman and a woman.

Like sands of time, she walked on and on.
And time passed by day by month by year.
The talisman floated, it's shape luminous and evil.
Wandering and watching for the one.
A man, a ghost, a god?- she did not know.

The woman: one eye green, the other blue.
Stared harshly as the horizon edge trembled.
A shadow on the farthest plain.
The talisman's glow grew brighter.
The form still unseen, but drawing closer.

A man appears not far away.
He gazes hypnotically: One eye green, the other blue.
The woman stopped, the talisman did not.
Drifting slowly and pulsing wildly- the sphere.
Towards it's worthy opponent- the human.

He stood alone and strong.
A sword- cold steeled and sharp.
Glistening to the glow of the talisman.
Beginning to change, the orb metamorphosed.
Altering into a terribly, terrifying half man, half beast.

A haggard form- a hideous hand.
Held out an equal- evil, black iron.
The two beings quiet stares.
Roaring out in a blood curling scream- the monster.
Swinging of the mighty swords.

Slash! The blade missed.
She stood and stared- emotionless.
Clashing! Crashing! Cutting!- the warrior's dance.
The man bloodied- wounds gashed and gaping.
Life essence bled- proding new life.

The beast's ripped and charred flesh.
The man's fought harder- the being trembled.
Crumbling to the ground like dust.
Defeated by the human spirit.
Victorious, the battle cry of man.

Transforming the monster in a snake- fork tongued and fanged.
The man looked at it tiredly.
As it slithers through the sand.
Almost amazed, but alert - no longer alone.
"This is your captor?", the man's thunder spoke.

Her seductive glance, so lovely, But betraying.
"It's life be spared," he said.
Chills ran down his neck to the base of his spine.
The snake slides away- black eyes inflamed in vengeance.
The man's and woman's eyes merge- one eye green, the other blue.

The land formed around them- forests, mountains, oceans...
A blue sky explodes with stars, clouds and a moon.
Paradise found- their two hands touched.
"I am Adam."
"I am Eve." her eyes blackened.

chaos is   chaos is currency in these troubled times   chaos is two star-crossed lovers mainlining the future   chaos is...