Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Canadian poet & composer, I'd like to submit a selection of poems from a collection entitled BROKEN HEART & A HOLE IN MY SHOE. You will find them both below, and in the attachment.

Previous work published in:

Quills Canadian Poetry, Fractions, Neon, Forma Fluens, Poesia/Indiana Bay, Motel 58, Word Slaw, poetryfriends, kudos, Sonar 4, Poet’s Ink Review, The Battered Suitcase/Vagabondage Press, Twisted Tongue, Danse Macabre, Language & Culture, Kritya, Burst Now, Yellow Mama, greenbeard, Glass Poetry Journal, Wow, Orbis, Faraway Journal, riverbabble, Blueprint Review, Unheard Magazine, Toucan (forthcoming Summer 2010), Accenti (Spring 2010), Sex & Murder (Spring 2010),

Sparkbright (forthcoming June).
Short stories in: Chicago Quarterly Review (2); Happy; Taylor Trust (forthcoming Spring 2010).

Following a recent stay at STEIM, a contemporary music center in Amsterdam, I have been writing for the stage.


Manufacturers of Music for the Savant-Garde

Gritty Music & Streetwise Poetics


Luigi lives in Italy.


Luigi Monteferrante


In a fluorescent coat

He swings a paddle

Stops the cars

We cross the road

But one day she came

His wife

They all said

She floors the gas

She wants him dead

He runs

And we cried

Instead of the old man

She got me

I roll down the street

My books in a bag

I spin round the curb

Pull a wheelie

Do a 360

They applaud

I race to school

Roll up the ramp

I sit in the back

Listen to Mechanics

One day I’ll find

How to get my legs back

Meanwhile I study

Rush from the class

I like watching hockey

The coach brings me chocolate

I like it hot

Keeps my hands warm

It starts to snow

Coach starts to worry

I laugh:

I’ll get a sled

And he laughs along

And off we go

Our home team won,

I sit in my room,

Open the window to the ice

The cold stings my tongue

And snowflakes melt

I push myself off

Then pull myself up

I stare at the ceiling

Warm and cuddly in bed

A good day again

I did my homework

Passed all my tests

I prayed to God

May you all be so blessed.



No bars to mark the time

No windows or lampshades

They set the rules

Gave me a Constitution

Learn it by heart

Or we’ll turn up the juice

They gave me no reason

Just do it, that’s all

I broke from office

And ran to the mall

They caught me running

They broke both legs

After cracking my skull

They fried two eggs

They fired some juice

I feel better, alright

Keep the juice flowing

Redemption is free.


You sat on the rocking chair

On the porch

In the shade

You hold a glass

And your musings

Who’d have thought

It’d come to this

Me walking out

And away

Holding a bag

Dirty laundry inside

You won’t wash my clothes

Called me a stranger

Don’t know my name

How could I?

Never seen you before

Now get going!

You pointed my rifle

I picked clothes off the line

I couldn’t go roaming

In pajamas

But the clothes

They weren’t washed

I made off alone

I sit and I watch

From under a tree I shout:

Please let me in

It really is me

Your man!

She fired a round

I heard the click

She fired another

I ran in

Don’t like what I see

Said the sheriff that day

She’d been complaining

Told us thing

I’m ashamed to repeat

And a man in my place

Can’t help but suspect

She’s the one you shot dead

Come ride with me

Said the sheriff:

The judge wants to talk

He’s passing sentence

On his sister

The one you made pregnant

It’s the hangman for you

Up the gallows you go

A week from the next

You’ll be hanging

For the show.


They go to church

Ride home a family

But girlie, she pukes

Must be the whisky

Pregnant she’s not

She’s a virgin

She claims

Took it in, yeah

Right where you think

Daddy’s at harvest

In his tractor, he’s glad

Mom’s watching game shows

The microwave rings

Time for our pills



On his hands and knees

Tying tomato stalks to sticks

With ribbons, pink and blue

From my mother’s chest

Keeps ‘em straight

While for me

He used a broom

Why I grew up


Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...