Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiger Is US

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger. My question is "just why are we so surprised?" First, few people are in restrained command of themselves 24/7, or want to be, his robotic golf play aside. Everyone needs some downtime, although Ambien sex with multiple mistresses is far from the best choice. Scary shades of drug dependence a la Michael Jackson. Also interesting is that the onset of the wild behavior seems to coincide with the death of his father, which might be meaningful. Trying to fill a void? Free at last? Think Mike Tyson after Cus D'Amato's passing. When my ex-husband's mother died, on the morning of her funeral, he told me very matter of factly that "now I am going to have to have oral sex every day." I thought it was a strange request, that the timing was inappropriate, and declined to comply. According to his sworn testimony in the divorce proceedings, less than a year later, unbeknownst to me at the time, he was frequenting massage parlors and hookers.
Second, those who work hard tend to play hard as well, going to extremes in all aspects of their lives. We glorify and deify individuals who shatter competitive limits, egging them on to even MORE. MORE, MORE, MORE. We have become a society that indulges in and celebrates excessiveness; his tawdry affairs, with more sordid details dribbling out daily, are but one result. A wife and family were not ENOUGH. The economic downturn does not appear to have diminished this national impulse, just redirected it. Perhaps Tiger's car crash, ironically on Thanksgiving, a distinctly American holiday, will help to wake him, and our narcissistic country, up. Tiger is US.

Karen Ann DeLuca

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