Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Michael Bruce Foster

Michael Bruce Foster was born and raised in California. His poems have been published in the City College of San Francisco Literary Magazine, Aurora, MO: Writings from the River, Rapid City Journal, and Mobius, the Poetry Magazine.

He gets his inspiration from his family, nature, and other things that are happening around him.


More poems for you to consider.

Burnt Roses

Burnt roses,

Beauty caught in fire,

Bouquet with blistered thorns,

Blackened stems,

Lie on scorched carpet.

The vase shattered by heat,

Their throats filled with smoke.

Firemen, finding no children,

Gather them up gently.

Death was here.

Too Great a Loss

There are tunnels in our hearts tonight,

Peace has been shattered, the bodies

Of our children, lie scattered on the road.

There are bunkers in our minds tonight,

But they can’t protect us from the bombs

Of screams, threatening to blow out our eyes.

The stunned skeletons of our tears covered

In white linen, to be buried frozen.

There is an emptiness so gapping, like a Black

Hole, nothing can live in this madness.

We dig ditches and bury ourselves. This

Final pain eats through every shroud.

Embalmed in grief we go to a place only

God can find if he will remember.


Four wisdom teeth, lay out on white linen,

Like bodies after the firing squad,

Tossed into a plastic bag grave, forgotten,

Except for the relative who knows they are gone.

Ballet in Flame

A silver moth

Burns to death,

Ballet in flame.



Sharp shadows

Of the consequence.

There Was a Fly

There was a fly

That caught my eye

Under a bush or two.

It wasn’t his wings

But other things

His scarf and his shoes.

Red fedora

To wear tomorrow

When flying over stew.

I watched him stand

In Neverland

His eyes so baby blue.


Frozen, risen sun

Slowly melts its prisms

From within.

Winter grins,

Through cold criticisms,

Its frosted laugh fun.

Hope you like these. Thank you for your consideration.

Michael Bruce Foster

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