Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lost Lesson of Life

Grabby, grabby, grabby,
"This is what I expect,"
More than I could ever need,
Just want to see what I can get.

Materialism is my God,
I use people like things, like pawns,
I'll do anything to get my way,
Nag, bully, sulk or fawn.

It is better to receive than to give,
I've got to have it all - and now,
I haven't a clue as to why,
And I really don't care how.

So when this person dies,
The epitaph will be,
A testament to selfishness,
Gimme, gimme, gimme.


All About You

When we got married I thought,
It would be all about us,
Little did I know,
It would end up about your lusts.

First there was power,
No job I had was good enough,
Although we had plenty of money,
And lots of extra stuff.

Then there was sex,
You had to have it every day,
I took birth control pills that caused,
Endometriosis that got in the way.

Surgery and Synarel,
What I've been through you haven't a clue,
And every moment you complain,
About how it's affected you.

I lost my health, I cannot work,
My body's racked with pain,
But worst of all is your verbal abuse,
As if I alone were to blame.



The weekend around my birthday,
I wanted to be mine,
Your nephew came last minute,
And took away my time.

For the holidays you took a week,
We planned a day for us,
Your cousin called, you went and I,
Was again left in the dust.

Next came our fifteenth anniversary,
Things were still the same,
You got a massage, spoke with your sister,
And then went alone to a basketball game.

Valentine's Day you got sick,
Contemplating a change on the job,
We argued, you took two trips alone,
And I was left to sob.

Over not being a priority,
Belittled and ignored,
I finally decided I'd had enough,
And showed you out the door.


Happy Anniversary

After fifteen years of marriage,
It was just another day,
He never said the words,
"Happy Anniversary!"

He did what he wanted to do,
"The guys" called and he was gone,
No card, no flowers, no dinner,
She spent the day alone.

But lest you feel sorry,
And lament her awful plight,
She got exactly what she wanted,
A peaceful day without a fight!


Mister Messy Desk

My desk is a mess,
I cannot find a thing,
Elbows deep in piles,
Can't reach the phone when it rings.

File cabinets bulging,
With what I do not know,
No system of organization,
Just piles, high and low.

Searching for something takes,
Forever and a day,
I really need to change,
But I can't throw anything away.

Everything has a place,
I just do not know where,
I bump into clutter,
Just getting up from my chair.

I'm a messaholic,
But I really need to be neat,
Can anybody help me,
Accomplish such a feat?

Some Sure Signs of Spring

You start to think it's Spring,
When the birds chirp and tulips bloom,
You're bitten by the cleaning bug,
To make your home sparkle room by room.

You scrub the walls and clean the rugs,
And pile up trash galore,
The garbage collector thinks you're moving,
But there's no "For Sale" sign on your door.

Your shovel is replaced by a lawn mower,
Gone, too, scarfs, gloves and boots,
You reorganize your closets,
And start dreaming of T-shirts and shorts.

You've seen the Easter Bunny,
The TV season comes to an end,
March Madness bounced right by you,
April 15th's just around the bend.

You turned your clock forward,
And lost a little "zzz"s
But you really know it's Spring,
When your car turns green and you start to sneeze!

Karen Ann DeLuca

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...