Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I graduated high school at 16 (which is amazing given the circumstances) and then attended Community College. In 2006 I won an award from Manatee Community College for a flash fiction contest with a story called "Wings." I also had 2 poems published in Echoes and Visions Literary Magazine from Wor Wic Community College entitled "Grandpa’s Crucifix" and "Known to Many" in 2008. In 2009, my first semester at Salisbury University, I had two poems published in the WordStock 09 Literaty Magazine called "Frat Party" and "Reality Sets In." These are all pretty local publications so I am hoping to expand my publication circle. Inspiration comes from everywhere but I can honestly say I don't think I'll write a poem about roses and love and chocolates. It's so much easier to explain the hardships in life than to explain the good, which is unfourtunate. I try to balance both views of the beautiful and the repulsive in my writing.
I thank you for taking to time to read over some of my poems and I hope to hear back from you soon.


Brittney Herz
B. Dianne Herz

B. Dianne Herz

I said I loved you
Through some else’s voice.
I heard it before
in songs and movies.
It sounded so
beautiful then.
I said I loved you
the words tasted like
tar on my lips.
You said you didn’t
love me.
I heard people say
it before.
Through closed doors,
it sounded so painful then.
But when you said it,
relief came and I sighed

me neither.

"Fear of Dying"
By: B. Dianne Herz

I have this morbid fear of dying.
To what do I owe this?
I am sitting still deciding.
One day my pen will be retiring,
with no more words to express,
I have a fear of it dying.
So many forces left residing,
which ones to keep, which ones to loose?
I am sitting still deciding.
I feel life when perspiring,
you won’t always be able to do so,
I have a fear of us dying.
This world can be so tiring,
So why live in fear?
I am still deciding.
So many things still need admiring,
I haven’t begun to see them all,
So why do I have such a fear of dying?
I am sitting still deciding.

"Souls For Sale"
B .Dianne Herz

Souls for Sale
His cardboard sign read so proudly,
underneath his open mouth of missing teeth.
His conviction turned his frailty
into a bilboard for passing sinners.
The ones that never once looked up
from the stop light.
Pretending to make a phone call
or to be surfing the stations on their FM’s.
whatever they could do to keep their eyes
away from his holy gaze
that atop his charred cheekbones.

"Dirty Knees"
B. Dianne Herz

Hands down in the dirt,
Shoveling through bugs and weeds,
Sticks and stones,
Poke and prod into your gentle knees.

You are quickly trying to catch,
Me running at high speeds,
You dive grabbing for my shirt,
You fall and hit your knees.

I ran away to somewhere,
That you couldn’t see,
You looked up to God for guidance,
And fell upon your knees.

Winds blowing, rain pouring,
Lightning crashing into trees,
I cower scared but you are strong,
You cover me on your knees.

Sun up, high on our backs,
At the dock with a summer breeze,
We look around for crabs,
While resting on our knees.

I search around to find you,
You are no where that I can see,
I look to God for guidance,
And I fall upon my knees.

"Monogamy Hurts Your Sex Life"
B. Dianne Herz

Nothing ever happens on a Tuesday night.
I try to make the magic
but to no avail.
I bend and suck and squeeze-
Making everything look as right as it should.
Its just another Tuesday night.
Of watching the news and baked chicken.
A shower with a silk robe
That does nothing but lay on my skin.

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...