Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dear Editor;

I have enclosed poems for your consideration; "Our Eyes Are Dim," and "Inbreeding Ignorants."
My most recent credit include, "Transcendent Visions," a literary magazine. And the "The Prison Coffee Table Book" available in April from Amazon.com.
I was also featured in "Hard Time," a mini-series about the Georgia Prison System airing on the National Geographic Channel. The interview is still on the website. In the spring my graphic novel, "Inside: Green Season" will be featured on Top Shelf Comics' website (www.topshelfcomix.com).
I love to write. I am an aspiring novelist as well. I view writing as a career as well as a way to deal with prison. Thank you for your time.

Adrian English

Our Eyes Are Dim

In days of old, men read the stars-
Like books to know the whims of hearts,
For signs they sought of future tense
And a glimpse at their toil's recompense.
Their days prolonged and treasuries full,
The length of Rome's illustrious rule.
But as suns go down and stars explode
So does the age of man switch different modes.
Thus kingdoms fall and legends die.
As babies are born and women cry.
And armies of steel conquer foreign lands,
Uniting oppression and debauchery under an iron hand
Now a different man seeks a different sign.
A look at the end, he would divine.
A market crash or a bomb dropped here
Or stars and stripes prone to apocalyptic fear.
Destiny once manifest seems no as clear
As the war we fought on God's first frontier.
Yet all that's happened, someone wanted to see.
For all this is, is as a prophet said it would be.

Inbreeding Ignorants

Among themselves he spread disease.
A bug of hate that devours their core.
Preventing any emotional growth.
Destroying all tools of reason.
They hate each other.
But love themselves.
They love each other.
But hate themselves.
A secret for one is known by all.
As the constantly shift masks like Harlequins.
The world they know exist only in two colors.
Their sight is confined to one.
They will not listen.
They'll never feel.
And when they die,
We'll all be better off.

Adrian English

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...