Monday, January 4, 2021

Kids in Florida

The Trials of Nuremberg
never slowed down the anguish
that man tried to pass on within a stepping stone
of dissociated guilt…
And if Buddha is your “thing”
Well then bow down to the chanting
harmony of want…

Do we ever climb into the space that
saves seventeen kids? Theorize what
agony is within our own little mind…

Prancing with false bravado…a
Twitter rant or faceboob comment about
how actors can play the role of deviant
political farce…
Then the sickening larva will
lick their glistening lips…looking
over the bodies of souls in camps or
step around the blood of a freshman band member…

Crying “the horror, the horror…” That was good
enough for Marlon Brando…but it could never
extinguish the rationalization of another, another
Pathetic look-away.

Dan Provost


At length

we are born to wonder…

My God is better

than yours—but,

in the end…the same place

will be dark…


Smelling of sweat.

Deep –we will think

for years, but settle

nothing…in failure

mode of whatever

sin may be in vogue


Dan Provost

Jesus in the Garden


You begged.

You failed.

Others have pleaded

on a smaller stage,

Maybe not with big

time consequences…

But tasted the poison too…

And they wanted to get out just

as much as you did…

When their sentence was announced

and the blood refused

to stop flowing…

All of you died…

Some with fanfare…

Others in fields in

the middle of nowhere…

Jesus…your morality is commendable

An unselfish spirt …

Who to some, was killed

for our sins…I just

know of others

who took the quiet

way out…No prayers

or books were written

about them…Some

pained faces, staring

into a faceless mirror…

Day after day after


Dan Provost


Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...