Tuesday, August 20, 2019

twenty years ago now

i still remember the
way you smelled,
fresh out of the

in my arms

the way your
kisses tasted

the way your tongue
would slip into
my soul

hard to believe
that was over
twenty years
ago now

you're on the other
side of the world

probably been a
good twenty years
since i have crossed
your mind

you flash in mine
around three each

right before i
pretend to go
to sleep

and dream about
what could have
but as a hopeless romantic

here comes the
goddess playing

i want to believe
she's what i have
been chasing my
entire life

she's unwilling
to show her cards
just yet

i'd love to play
it cool

but as a hopeless

i'm bound to fuck
this up at some

but for now

it's a game of just
how long can i fake
patience and avoid
saying the wrong
thing, yet again
by the end of the week

all the women
are interested
with forever

i try to live
like i might
be dead by
the end of 
the week

none of us
are very
everything is going to be alright

she's my little spanish
angel that kisses me
goodnight in my

lies to me

tells me everything
is going to be alright

that all these miles
between us will soon
cease to exist

i gently caress her
cheek and hope that
this old soul still has
a little life left in it
the chaos is my normal

from the outside

my life is one
near disaster
after another

from the inside

the chaos is
my normal

it's the good shit
i have a problem

i'm too late to the
game to learn new
tricks and overcome
all my shortcomings
no longer worth their time

every best friend
i have ever had
has decided at
some point i
was no longer
worth their time

and as much as
my ego wants to
believe i am not
the problem

i know that isn't
what the truth
really is

regardless, as
the years pass

i know it's more
likely i am headed
for that sunset

indifferent and
pretending to be
J.J. Campbell

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...