Monday, January 14, 2019

one true sucker
it seems that most
women i fall madly
in love with at some
point decide they
would rather be with
another woman than
with me
i don't understand
why i haven't chosen
to end this fucking
misery already
i guess the romantic
in me is one true
sucker for fucking
dirty mirrors
i caught a reflection
of myself the other
the world has truly
passed me by
i still don't give
a shit
an old issue of vogue magazine
flipping through the
pages of an old issue
of vogue magazine
all the beautiful faces
with their beautiful
they have people to
take care of that shit
let's be honest
hollywood is just
another branch of
the royal family
their ivory towers
aren't quite as old
but that kind of money
carries the weight of
so many tortured souls
and pimped dreams
they tend to believe
they are kings and
princes and princesses
royal assholes for sure
winter storms
i have noticed
they have started
naming winter
storms now
i suppose that
makes the fear
more personable
besides, the spring
and summer shouldn't
get to have all the fun
of scaring people
no desire for higher education
i figure i was
supposed to
find my soulmate
in college, but i
had no desire for
higher education
i read all those
books by the time
i was fifteen
it was the school
of hard knocks as
soon as i got that
high school diploma
since then,
my soulmate
has been found
in various
maybe one of these
days i'll have the
desire to travel
old lou reed songs
sometimes i sit in my room
alone, in the dark
listening to old lou reed songs
wondering if i'm alive or if
this is the sweet relief of death
shouldn't hell be more lively
than this
and if this is heaven
i want my youth listening to
that bullshit in church back
so maybe i would learn how
to shoot a gun
or maybe have a father that
would take me fishing
or better yet
never get trapped in the
bathroom by my cousin
and perhaps then it will
all work out the way it
was supposed to be
it's obvious
free will fucked me over
J.J. Campbell

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...