Tuesday, January 29, 2019

How Come

Who made the birds fly to their nests
And sing to the evening sun?
And who made the stars in the night to appear,
After the darkness comes?
Who made the creatures of night
Sing their song?
An endless invisible choir,
And when all of them at once
Cease to sing,
And a very loud silence is heard,
Who stopped their song?
Did you think it was you?
Then tell me,
How did you come?

Bruce Mundhenke

Rain Crow

She sits on a nest
In a small tree,
Unmoving;  except for a sometime
Blink of an eye.
Her whole purpose now
Is to ensure that the eggs beneath her
Will bring forth more of her kind.
My Dad told me he called doves rain crows,
Whenever he was a small boy,
Maybe he thought their sad song
Brought the rain,
That kept him from playing outside,
But the rain crow I'm watching
Is silent,
She won't sing for quite some time,
But after her babies fly from the nest,
Whenever I hear her rain song again,
It will probably cause me to smile.

Bruce Mundhenke

The Garden

There were trees there in the garden,
They flourished in the wind,
Placed there with love,
Each to the others companion and friend.

Heavenly dew on their branches,
Not a rain drop yet had come.
Their joy was exceedingly full,
Knowing where they were from.

There was as yet no time there,
The past and present were one,
Endless euphoria...
No evil yet had been done.

And they knew the Ancient One,
For He walked often in that grove,
They loved and were loved in perfect love,
And none with another strove.

Some still visit the garden,
For a brief time now and then,
And all of us long for the Ancient One,
He will walk among us again.

Bruce Mundhenke


Beauty is not lacking,
It shines from dawn to dawn,
We perceive it as a moment of gladness,
And in blindness believe it gone.

It has always been there,
Forever from before,
And waits for rediscovery.
Always; forevermore.

Bruce Mundhenke


You have been my companion forever,
Always at my side,
Brave enough to fight,
Wise enough to hide.

Master of all ages,
Both the present and the past,
Before all things and after,
Both the first, also the last.

Bruce Mundhenke


If eternity past is forever,
And eternity yet to come is forever,
Perhaps maybe now is never,
But more likely now is forever.

Bruce Mundhenke

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...