Saturday, June 9, 2018


the night struggles on as technology
continues to antagonise leaving me
now sat here writing these words listening
to some fight on the radio, uncaring who
wins but kind of wanting it to continue
as obviously the main programming will
drone on again, and for probably days to come,
about the damn royal wedding.

is this what my saturday nights have
been reduced to? in recovery from friday
and just wanting to sit alone in a dark
room waiting for a reasonable hour to
go rest up this weary old life of mine
in its favourite place but now, half-ten,
i can't see me lasting much past eleven.
is this what my saturday nights have
been reduced to?


I'm going to kill all modern
technology by post as electronics
confound me to the point where
all I want is to go live in a
cave and write, posting crazy
poetry to editors who will doubtless
ignore me once I'm rid of all
social anti-social media death
KILL it now, start afresh and
finally turn my back on all this
god damn technological shit.


The phone that taunted me has gone, been replaced
By a new fangled thing that looks as if it can cook me
Some dinner but still it remains not ringing forever it
Appears to remain unlisted so here I sit dreaming of
That day, she'll call, I don't know who or where it'll
Come from, and all she will say, it's obvious really,
"Are you really so alone?"
"No" I will respond, "It's just usually the only people
Call me are drug dealers desperate for a sale..."
"That explains so much of your poetry, I've read a lot
And got to say I just love it"
So if that woman exists can I say I'm here, call me anytime
As I usually keep varied hours, just do a bit more digging
And call me, 601053 and who knows maybe you'll feature
In more of my poems than this one.


There was a beauty, a ravishing hot young blonde
Woman in the bar last night and obviously she was
With a guy, a lucky young man who reminded me
Of a better looking version of my old self, and I saw
Them stood at the end of the bar and it appeared that
She was going to buy a round but then there were
Problems with her card, as just like the queen she
Never carried cash on her luscious young body, and I
Finally saw the guy pull his wallet from his pocket
Handing over notes to the barman and I thought, even
As the rain began to fall outside, that I'd spend all my
Money enticing her into my bed not caring that it would
Leave me short of rent money because if I landed on
The street at least I'd have the memory of a night
Spent with that young luscious gorgeous creature.


as my mind unravels
i sit, contemplating
my next move and
where it will take me
and what it will mean
in this life of mine
all i can see ahead is
a better life away from
here as it becomes clear
my dreams were never
meant to be lived here
by the sea in Brighton town.

i know i don't want to
remain here, bored of the
same streets, the same job
all the same shit
that curses this life
but after another job search
begins and so far no
response at all to all my
pleads for something,
anything better than
what i got as without
a new job how can i
move on out of this
nightmare situation.


i sit alone
saturday night early
but my eyes still feel heavy
heavy, needing rest
knowing the next few days
will be an undoubted test
long shifts at work beckon
my soul struggling as my mind
ponders the most radical of


Bradford Middleton

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...