Saturday, May 19, 2018

in her panties and a long shirt
i saw the woman
across the street
smoking a cigarette
in her panties and
a long shirt the
other morning
i spent a little
longer than usual
looking for the
newspaper that
i believe her

husband noticed

J.J. Campbell

the closest thing to happiness
i often find myself
dancing with a devil
and pretending i'm
actually enjoying
the ride
happiness is a
fool's errand at
best anymore
one of these days
i will be dead and
none of this shit
will matter
that's the closest
thing to happiness
i can imagine

J.J. Campbell

ample regrets
there are
when the
lush trapped
inside of me
wants to put
a saddle on
that unicorn
and embrace
the pain of
a brand-new
lost in the
sorrow and
remorse of
ample regrets
i can't help
but imagine
her lonely
eyes and
my lost soul
bumping into
each other
spilling a drink
and then having
to decide
be angry or
fall in love

J.J. Campbell

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