Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Travel Plans III
It was so cold
on the boat last night
I had to put on a sweater.
The crew was still wearing shorts,
so I guess it’s me.
But I like it warm.
My trophy wife
prefers the city
and its culture.
The only culture
I care about
is agriculture,
because of my investments.
It’s just about time
to go south.
She can stay here
for all I care.
Wherever I go
on my mega-yacht
there are always willing women
eager to come aboard.

Gary Beck

Symptoms of disease
course through
the body politic,
ambition and greed
bringing newcomers
to the public trough,
eager to dine,
most loath to serve.
None understanding
their first concern
should always be
well-being of the nation.

Gary Beck

Sterner Stuff
I discovered early
I had a taste for power,
but lacked the means
without family, friends, mentors.

I labored for others
my brains bringing attention
from alert bosses
eager to find talent
to further their ambitions.

I soon became known
as daring, inventive,
and earned recognition,

I was richly rewarded
as I made money for others,
ruthless, brilliant deals
turned millions into billions.

Soon I ruled
an economic empire,
where thousands obeyed
my decrees
hoping to get rich.

Their combined efforts
got me mega-yachts,
Monets, Picassos, Warhols,
trophy wives,
all the treasure
that money can buy.

I sit in my tower penthouse,
in a rare moment of quiet
and look out at my city
where I have risen
to the pinnacle of success.

I idly wonder
if I’ll ever have enough
now that I’ve achieved
the trappings of power.

Gary Beck

'Mortal Coil' is an unpublished poetry collection that grapples with the frailty of this conflicted life.

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...