Tuesday, January 16, 2018

chaos is
chaos is currency in
these troubled times
chaos is two star-crossed
lovers mainlining the
chaos is a glass of something
strong after the first five didn't
chaos is the beautiful woman
that allows you to look but
never touch without the right
amount of cash
chaos is a system created to
enjoy the failure of others
chaos is convincing yourself
that jesus still loves you
chaos is a man with two left
feet deciding tonight is the
night the dance floor becomes
his stage
chaos is when the last woman
at the bar says no
chaos is a lonesome drive home
ignoring the flashing lights and
sirens off in the distance
chaos is waking up in a pile of
your own shit after a night of
white russians
chaos is the joy of wanting to
do it all again
under a thousand stars
i remember sitting
by the river one
smoking a cigarette
under a thousand
laughing about the
woman that just left
me and the pile of
bills on the kitchen
the bottle of gin
was empty
time to see what
advice mr. daniels
has for me
i think i smoked a
pack of cigarettes
that night
i stopped cold turkey
about a week or two
with love out of the
picture i had to make
a decision
either the smokes or
the booze had to go
and honestly
i like clothes that
don't have to be
sprayed over and
over again
dysfunction gave way
the cold settles
in for the post
christmas blues
first time i can
remember there
being snow on
the ground on
this day for years
and amazingly
dysfunction gave
way this year to
friends and alcohol
and well behaved
as i was sitting
there listening
and drinking
i thought back to
the little shit i was
as a child
it's certainly easier
to understand why
i am hated and alone
it could always be
worse i suppose
i could have my
own children to
fuck up as well
so, i'm not as evil
as you think
rice krispies in milk
i got up from my sister's
couch and both of my
knees popped
kind of like the sound
of rice krispies in milk
was that your knees
my sister asked
yeah, i achingly said
jesus, she said
don't worry, i replied
soon, i'll be nothing
but replaced parts
probably made by
small children in
she laughed
i went down the stairs
to go watch a basketball
think fondly of all those
years ago, when i could
actually run a court and
was in range as soon as
i walked in the gym
i caught a glimpse
of myself in a mirror
that was certainly
a few lifetimes ago
by now
three bad decisions away from a night in jail
the distant look
in the eyes of the
woman you love
she's no longer
you know it but
you're a stubborn
fucker often unwilling
to accept no for an
but any attempt
to change her mind
will be futile at best
you're three bad
decisions away
from a night in
watching taillights
fade into the horizon
might be the best
decision you have
ever made
there's a bar at the
end of the street
there's a glass of
something strong
with your name
on it
her legs will go
on for miles
some slow songs in the background
a sunday
in the
in the
a cup of
coffee and
some slow
songs in the
i look
this empty
room and
wonder if
death will
be more
with me
J.J. Campbell

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