Friday, August 26, 2016

Peculiar Name

Peculiar name, curious
sound on the mouth,
but beautiful all the same.
What was it Ms. Stein
said?  A rose and all that.
Doesn't matter about
titles, rumors, or stirrings.
Beauty's just the same.


A flick-flash-flutter of light
causes the eye to respond.
The mind gathers these
endless streams of stars
and data.  Somewhere, tucked
like a diamond in dark velvet,
is the truth.  Let us now taste
the sky and all it has to offer,
listening to ancient words
for a bit of computer advice.

Fiercest of Creatures

All animal teeth, all edges,
draw to a close.  There is
a time to stand, then a period
of backing away.  There
is a time to be aggressive, then
a time to tilt the head,
take in the sound, filter it,
press it like grapes, then
let the wine begin to flow.
We can be the fiercest
of creatures or the kindest
of souls, it all depends.

JD DeHart

my ego would like to believe   i got an email from an old girlfriend yesterday   she told me how she stumbled upon my ...