Saturday, April 30, 2016

I am numbed
to the world
unsure of why
I cannot tear
up at a funeral,
so struck by
my strange
often smile in
the face of 
trouble, blaming
it on too much
television or
the taste of 
chemicals in
my food.

Spinning Plates

Give me a second
I will turn the world
Give me a second
I will find your lost
Give me a second
i will make you hear
what you need
Give me a second
I will solve the world's
Give us a second
they will crop back

Public House

Meet me at the
corner of never
and not yet,
the public house
we always
and never knew,
tell me you almost
love me one more
time, tell me
my face almost
looks familiar, forget
me by your bedside
as you drift away.
Nate Maye

one true sucker   it seems that most women i fall madly in love with at some point decide they would rather be with another ...