Saturday, April 30, 2016

Narrative Creature

born of story
built together, sinew
to sinew, by word,

page by page, stepping
and stomping, becoming,
until given a name

then scratched out
and tossed into 
a wastepaper basket.

The Never Knows

I don't know,
they want to say, I 
or even, I can't know

always asking, 
Why don't you know,
What can't you do,
if one day you decided

I could know, I could do,
just not yet.

A Jo Bell Poem

yes, the family
was far-flung, the wounds
were made deep

what he built
was decidedly razed

he was the subject
of much celestial debate

a whirlwind appeared
to him, inciting questions,
others could not answer
so they went away.
JD DeHart

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