Monday, February 29, 2016

The Water At Your Door

Could fill the bathtub of regret

Sounds hypnotic on a windless night

Might distract from the dull scissors
                        Against the stained photographs

Will wake you from shivering, drugged sleep

Should float you to a sounder conviction

John Abbott

The Bells Made Us Dizzy

The bells made us dizzy,
us college kids
woken by raucous chimes
from the highest point
on campus.
The melody always fuzzy at first,
Reaching us through a bad head,
thick tongue, all that’s left
of our revelry.
And, of course, the distance.
But as the music plays
the name drifts back
like the names of people
we met the night before
but the faces don’t always
match up
and sometimes there’s only
a composite image,
a moment which stands out.
The way a girl flicks ash off a cigarette,
one corner of her mouth
at a joke already heard, yet
still funny
or a song pouring from blown speakers
the lyrics jumbled
but the message clear:
this is the best time, these
are the best days
or at least we think so now.
So onto another party,
and then another until
the buzz is good
and so is the prospect
of going home
with someone
who will meet our eyes
come morning and
say, “Wake up, it’s time to learn.”

John Abbott


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