Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Smile

Feeling vulnerable
she hesitates to answer
any questions.

Shaking her head yes
to whatever was asked.

Always thinking about what
she should do.
It had nothing to do with
what they were saying.

A plan of her own ran
through her mind.

She smiled and left.
They looked at each other, and knew
she was no fool..
Lily Tierney

She bought it off an outside rack
two sizes too big.
Rolled it up above her knees.

Knee socks had holes,
but no one will see .
Her big toe will know in a shoe
size too small.
Lily Tierney

Broken window
passenger side
steering wheel
awaits phantom driver
junkyard experience
a must.
Lily Tierney

my ego would like to believe   i got an email from an old girlfriend yesterday   she told me how she stumbled upon my ...