Monday, April 13, 2015

     Bill Clinton, the first Black President,
During his tenure we got "Three Strikes,"
     Opening the door for the burgeoning Prison-Industrial Complex,
With African Americans receiving a disproportionate number of "likes."

     He also oversaw NATO expansion,
Gobbling up former Warsaw Pact members for the organization's lunch,
     Breaking promises made when the Cold War ended; butting in nonmembers' business,
All putting Putin's panties now in a bunch.

     Have we forgotten he failed to "take out" Osama?
Setting up 9/11 and one excuse for his wife to vote for the Iraq War,
     Kissing his fiscally responsible handling of the deficit and debt good-bye,
All because the Lewinsky affair strained his relationship with Al Gore!

     And then there's the repeal of Glass Steagall,
The grassroots of the Great Recession of 2008,
     "Lucky" seven years later, stocks soaring, bubbles blowing...
...with a leader wedded to Wall Street, literally and 2016, the same fate?

     Not last and not least, NAFTA, that "giant sucking sound,"
Prophetically forewarned Ross Perot in a 1992 debate,
     The template for future trade agreements, foreign policy that signed, sealed, and delivered...
...the middle class' current "everyday" low or no wage "job" fate.
     Why in the world with many of today's problems stemming from the policies of his Administration,
Would Americans elect Hillary and get Slick Willie back in the "twofer" deal?
     It takes a Clinton to finally clean up after one?
Knowing where the bodies are buried not enough to stamp "that woman" with the Presidential Seal!

     Yes, he's the most popular recent "ex,"
But how many Americans know or have examined HIStory?
     Hillary's vision? Wanting to be the first woman to break the Oval Office glass ceiling?
But what the US needs is first and foremost the key.

     Can she feel all our pain? Standing on the sisterhood stump, corporate champion clothed in the color of money,
How can we trust if she doesn't? Paranoia pinned to her pantsuit, everywhere and everyone a political foe,
     Chafing under decades' long chains...secret server scrub opera......just the tip of the iceberg, inevitable...
...continuing drama when the country needs calm...the best reason why "Ready for Hillary," NO!
Karen Ann DeLuca

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...