Wednesday, April 15, 2015

C'mon Hillary
     Madison Avenue made "Main Street" montage rollout video,
But to champion the middle class, start to finish, you have to engage,
     Stiff salutation in conclusion won't cut it, C'mon Hillary,
Delete your "fun" deficit and let some personality out of that carefully crafted cage.
     Crossing the country, couture Chevy, full of mystery, but where's the magic?
Twenty-five minutes at Chipotle, unrecognized, beyond low key to no fuss,
     Mingling with the ordinary people means more than sitting sunglasses shielded among them, Hillary O!
Just craving a burrito? There's take out and drive thru. Missed opportunity. Is to use the bathroom why you bothered to get off the bus?
     Standing on the stump of sisterhood, concern for kids, fighting for families,
Sharing stories about your parents and growing up Methodist, that's great!
     But you're a Baby Boomer bride, put his hopes and dreams first and he cheated...
The Girls' Club of your generation - and probably others' - can easily relate.
     Talk about that gender issue, how you're "every woman," why "it's your turn now" is personal, on deciding to stay or to go,
Brains behind Bubba, worked while he played, you and Tammy Wynette aren't apart that far,
     The female vote's not a given, if you want it, no more "make up," no more masks, C'mon Hillary,
Come clean, let your hair down, and finally show US who you really are.
     Because fake Facebook friends don't turn out on Election Day,
Sky high on the scandalmeter, empathy and sympathy are the only way for you to go,
     Cashier, cook, cry about the conjugal "conversations" in lofty lingo...
...Mostly mum, won't connect you with how to help John and Jane Doe.
Karen Ann DeLuca

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...