Wednesday, November 19, 2014

DEUCE for Aurelius Piper      [Stefanie Bennett]
When he whispers incantations
Across the ceremonial pit
In late winter
The last snow-drift
Orbits the tree tops
Like smoke
On a morning stroll
Headed towards
Infinity’s skylight.
Praise abounds. The sun soars.
Raven gives a jocular
Caw matched by
The smiling Elder
                            Who has
My father’s eyes
                            And more.
With hands wide open
We spread
The wealth.
THE PLEDGE...       [Stefanie Bennett]
                         (The danger of the road
                         is not in the distance)
                                             Meng Chiao
He did not like the shape of its handle, nor
Suitcases that opened unaided at night.
Favour was furlongs apart –,
Sentiment, rot-wracked clay
[The way of the loose wristed potter...].
      Error’s triad may say –, “Those
      Who’ve never belonged
      Within belonging
                                 Cannot fit
      The given whole...”
Perhaps that’s why the handle held fast,
And the suitcase –, knowing
Pity –, swallowed
A stranger.
LEGEND             [Stefanie Bennett]
At precisely five o’clock
Each afternoon
Old aerograms, like
Blue-green butterflies,
Surge round her head
... Decades in front of
Yesterday’s false ceilings,
And betwixt the immediate
Festival obscura:
Such wanton abandonment!
The collector
And grasps
The irresolute voice-strokes,
Bows and vows
A bygone
Who hasn’t been there (?)
Will be there
Once again
... “Good-night South-East Asis,
Turkey, Berlin...”.
Actualised, she’d
‘Drop the pilot’
                        If only
She know how.
THE CLASH       [Stefanie Bennett]
What simplicity –,
God is.
What simplicity –,
Buddha too.
The equation! Both
Exist –, make
One of
The mould –:
Who’s there
To be fooled... ?
Who thought up
The disguise ?

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...