Tuesday, April 17, 2012


By Joel Clonts

You see,

it takes courage to love someone

as violently as I love you.

Thoughts of you enter my mind like a swelling rage

full of intensity.



Time slows until there is nothing but the sight of you.

I feel you

in the pit of my stomach; the top of my senses.

Your smell, your body.

The smooth of your skin, the small of your back.

The touch of light reflected in your hair.

The seduction that is you.

It is as if everything in your faculty is a string

attaching you to me.

Twisting and intertwining


You see,

It takes courage to lie beside you, beneath you

To hold, to taste;

To hide in you

I love you violently

As beautiful and untamed things are to be loved.

Wild and frantic

Completely, in ways that I often can’t understand

…and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Somewhere I’ve been.

By, Joel Clonts

Its somewhere I’ve been, not somewhere I go.

Where the saints, sinners, and winners meet.

Where the drunks remain and the regulars came,

To see how the black lights glow.

Different faces in different places,

Different ways, with sexy names

Clever letters rearranged,

but remaining unchanged

Is that black light, exposing stains

On your clothes, and on your soul

On your veins and up your nose

Feelings that show

only under a black lights glow.

Clear liquor, clear eyes open,

gazing-looking for something

Drinking, chugging, hoping and looking

But no touching.

She tells stories of circumstance, of innocence as she lies

To herself...as what she will

and what she want

Are compromised, besides…

It pays.

Easy money in easy ways,

But there are other ways debts are paid

She pays hers with pieces of herself that she can’t have back.

You see it and you find it,

Buts it’s different than when you left it

As a familiar stranger stares back from her reflection.

You see, it’s what you know, not what you see.

As the sun gets to bright for neon lights

And she is no longer “destiny.”

Her name is Nikki and she grew up on Taylor Street, around the corner.

And she’s got kids and bills and a mother who prays for her.

Under a black light,

She’ll try it once and she’ll love it twice.

As it makes everything in life, right. Everything better

She says it helps her

With rude businessmen, and slack boyfriends

With drunk college kids who have bi-curious girlfriends

“It makes it easy”

She’ll let herself believe.

If you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas,

She’s starting to see

As her nose burns, and that line blurs

Between who she is and who she used to be.

Her name was Nikki from down the street. I was friends with her brother.

But she’s high now, a little numb and a little dumber

Mind trances, and lap dances, and she lets those hands begin to wander.

Lost in a moment, with strong liquor flowing

John boldly throws out a number.

She’ll swear its no habit, but she does have to have it,

So I try to get her some help.

All I can do is pray,

because it’s true what they say;

Baby girl,

I cannot save you from yourself.

You see, I’m an outside observer, just here for the show, caught up in the glow.

And even though, I may seem in the know,

Believe me when I tell you, this is not where I go

It’s just somewhere I’ve been.

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...