Tuesday, April 24, 2012


We now know more about Services received,

Then the Secret ones they're employed to provide,

For at least twenty women, the Price wasn't Right,

Was it worth quibbling and now having nowhere to hide?

From girlfriends, wives and family,

To say nothing of the public and press,

Yes, prostitution's legal in Columbia,

But taking a risk over pesos; what's the "cents?"

Knowingly violating their now lost security clearances,

Launching four government investigations, so US taxpayers have a say,

Boys will be boys, but while waiting for Barack to get angry,

Wondering what other less than "highest standard" behavior has been covered up along the way.

For 20 years, I was married to a DIA intelligence analyst,

For half that time, how often, and how much he paid, the divorce records show,

The agency did nothing, he still has his TS and 100+K/year job,

So I speak of what I know.

Overshadowed by the daily dribble of trip's "male melodrama,"

Was a pic of Hillary not exactly acting like a nun,

Beer and dancing, not whiskey and cocaine,

Showing the world that it's girls who know how to behave while having fun!

Karen Ann DeLuca

my ego would like to believe   i got an email from an old girlfriend yesterday   she told me how she stumbled upon my ...