Monday, June 6, 2011

TWIXT is the mononym-onym of Peter Specker; he has had poetry published in MARGIE, The Indiana Review, Amelia, California State Quarterly, RE:AL, Pegasus, First Class, Pot-pourri, Art Times, The Iconoclast, Epicenter, Subtropics, Quest, Confrontation, Writers’ Journal and others. He lives in Ithaca, New York.

Scene & Situation

A tree by eye deed IDed: read maple.
And a blue sky, above all, above all.

What I See Is

What I see is a perceived in black blue
not an actual white-fractional blue,
per my understanding of the spectrum,
in the shadows that have rallied on snow
behind intervening objects to light’s


Flakes set sail in a swirl attend to float-
physics, everything’s riding on liquid
mechanics, to which flake witnesses take
slow note.

Fluff Aloft

The flakes prefer peripherality
and swarm with adventure in the margins
of receipt, drawn to the one to the dawn
through the night, their fuss-factors on the rise
to form fluff-aloft.

Polka Dotted

A polka-dot of forces is pitted
against flat ice, ice pocks along its
slick-otherwise, forming spotty spaces
with traces of spat-out on.

Stickup Artist

I made a withdrawal from my fortune
teller, giving her a terminal note
written in ink’s eboneous-black, pen-


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