Monday, June 6, 2011

"It's the Economy, Stupid" REDUX

"It's the economy, stupid,"
Quipped Bill Clinton, 1992,
Who cared about Daddy Bush's victory in the first Gulf War,
When your bills were all past due!

Fast forward twenty years,
On Obama's watch, Osama's dead,
But the economy's still in the toilet,
So why are Republicans approaching next year's election with such dread?

"Celebrities" feigning interest,
A front-runner throwback who lost to McCain in '08,
A sparking antique Tiffany jewel in Gingrich?
Ho-hum, no one "special" coming out of the gate.

True, there are lesser know candidates,
But they all seem cast in a familiar mold,
Badmouthing the Pres and Dems, social conservative agenda,
Not talking economic solutions - and leaving the electorate cold!

Instead of staging a campaign reality show,
To see who gets the perceived booby prize,
Show some of that "love" for America so glibly espoused,
Talk policy specifics - wouldn't that be a pleasant surprise!

History shows this isn't a throwaway election,
To keep his job, Obama needs to create more that he has,
Somewhere, there has to be an alternative,
With sound policy and a bit of pizzazz!

Karen Ann DeLuca

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