Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello ,

I am poet from India. Here is my poem for consideration.

Thank you for your time.


Subhankar Das

Animal Farm 3

As if she will pour the darkness out of her palm
This is the way of birth, the dawn breaks
The mad flight of stairs follow
To take away the alien stone from my face
The night ends folding lights
The wind is stripping off the skins of the walls
Soon, the lights from unknown planets
Will descend to swipe away the stony darkness
This intense fear grips me if I do not remove those
Why I do not know the magic incantation
Let the energies be collected to stifle the darkness
Let my hands get smeared with blood and froth
Tonight the rains slashed its way through the window
So many nights in search for those hands
Still I stand entangled in the night

Bio: Subhankar Das is a writer, publisher and film producer living in
Kolkata, India. He has publishd fourteen collections of poetry in
Bangla though his most recent collection The Streets, the Bubbles of
Grass, is published in English by his arts collective, Graffiti
Kolkata. He has translated Allen Ginsberg’s Howl into Bangla and is
the editor of the stark electric space..., an anthology of
international experimental writing. He has produced six short films
and owns a bookstore.

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