Saturday, August 21, 2021



Children of despair

populate my land

increasing in numbers annually,

a criminal dividend

wasting youth, resources, the future

as an indifferent system

that does not care

who survives, flourishes,

those who could help

completely preoccupied

with profit and loss,

continuation of the disadvantaged

of no concern.

Gary Beck



Urban Woe

A great city

is known for many things,

some in the tourist guides,

restaurant guides,

entertainment guides,

and the middle class

still lives well,

those who have not been attrited

by loss of jobs,

other income shattering occurrences.

While the working class

and the poverty class

slowly submerge

into struggles for survival.

The homeless sit on many corners

cardboard signs proclaiming need,

mostly ignored,

too many demands

in a time of decline,

while most of the people

dwell in comfort,

immune to deprivation.

Gary Beck

Cold Front

Winter winds blow harshly

as people trudge unkind streets

heads lowered, backs bent,

walking an exertion

especially for the elderly,

aged bodies stiffening in the cold,

urgently intent

on reaching somewhere warm.

Gary Beck


End of Term

A President dies.

Some mourn genuinely.

Some pay lip service.

Most go about their business

as if nothing happened

that affected them.

Too many of us don’t realize

that although he is a figurehead

created by special interests,

some are more effective than others

in serving the nation.

Gary Beck



A warm day in December

startles the city dwellers

out of winter wear

for brief enjoyment

of the daily routine

without heavy clothing.

 Gary Beck 

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...