Monday, September 14, 2020



Blue Line, Wonderland Train


Even through her mask

Her face is something to


Exquisite like a Ruby

She checks her email

Long brown hair

Flowing across her neck

Her long turquoise dress

Makes her a summer flower

Her breasts are a song of


Her body is a wonder

On the wonderland


Erren  Kelly

Listening To Dave Brubeck Under Quarrantine


he plays the piano, the way my dad

held a polaroid camera

he didn't   just   take a picture  :

he captured a moment

for posterity

like my dad, i love women

and see them as Dave saw melodies

not something, merely to behold

but to be revered

i could touch a woman the way

Dave touched the keys;

She would become a story

in pictures and in song;

her body either a moment

or math, only Dave or my father

could solve...

Erren  Kelly

Ryo Fukui And You...


thinking about you as the piano plays

the notes, falling like your footsteps

the keys, paint a dream of you

as we walk the streets of kyoto


every moment, is delicate as you

the song you become, rare

personal and true


the piano grows a song

of cherry blossoms

in spring


the keys tell a tale of you

in my eyes, you are



the way he strokes the keys

makes the song feel right


i touch you a sleek cat

dancing in the kyoto


Erren  Kelly



i have no right to ask you

for your hand

you are lovely as night

i am white as sour cream

my kind has heaped misery

upon yours


when i saw you  gleaning in the field

i thought of the treachery we did

to your brothers

but i'm a brother, too

if only from another mother


but  one night,

you lie with me on the threshing floor;

you chose me

i bought you and some property

for a a sandal

but i only wanted a wife

not land


and all lives matter to me


tearing down statues and renaming buildings

will not make history go away


but if you take my hand

we can create our own melody

to find our happy ending


love is love is love is love is love is love is love is love....

Erren  Kelly

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...