Tuesday, March 24, 2020

for all my dead brothers
hope left on the
last bus out of
i poured one out for
all my dead brothers
lost in whatever damn
war we're fighting
the hole in the wall
bar doesn't have any
sense of joy tonight
i asked joey what's
going on tonight
he motioned over
to the end of the bar
big john was crying
in his beer
he never thought
she'd actually get
on that bus
a history of blood clots
the endless misery
pain dances down
my spine, resting
in my lower legs
sleep is impossible
walking is a chore
and of course,
sitting too long
isn't the best thing
for someone with
a history of blood
most of my days are
spent between ice on
my back and walking
between every few
videos on youtube
the mind does its
best to keep me
occupied from
some days, failure
is like breathing
i never had many friends
i used to listen
to jim morrison
when i was a
teenager on a
regular basis
he went pretty
good with the
marijuana i was
smoking at the
i'd save
for any trips
on acid
i enjoyed
the feeling
of dr. benway
looking to
destroy me
and bukowski
always showed
up on the nights
the bottles won
the war

to find love at your age
the soft curves
of the last woman
you ever loved
she never wanted
anything serious
and you never
expected to find
love at your age
don't allow the
brain to destroy
it again
savor the moment
each smile, each
each quiet night
wrapped in loving
the false hope
this endless charade
push pull give take
the promise that someone
is out there just for you
the false hope that there
is gold at the end of the
enough failure and that
hope ends up as a bullet
and love is the ability
to pull the trigger
J.J. Campbell

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...