Wednesday, January 15, 2020

a little too much with evil
these cold nights
are when the pain
likes to come out
and play
keep me up at night
until the sun starts
to peek out a little
the pills don't work
the alcohol never
lasts long enough
and my imagination
dabbles a little too
much with evil
i suppose i'm just
crazy enough that
a balance is even
the first line of cocaine
there's no point
in swearing that
the first line of
cocaine is going
to be your last
trust me
it won't be
the hard reality
i think of my old
high school crushes
and where they are
how i never hear
from them anymore
how i don't hear
from hardly anyone
from my past anymore
it's the hard reality
of being forgotten
you have no choice
but to lie to yourself
if you want to stay
not a concept i am comfortable with
i imagine if i didn't
hate christmas songs
i would have a different
take on this time of year
but happiness is not a
concept i am comfortable
sadly, never have been
i look at these scars and
wrinkles and know time
isn't on my fucking side
any longer
a dose of reality
may be a
warm gun
but i have
to think that
a negative
test is right
up there as
comes with experience
it's an old song
i dedicated to
my first girlfriend
the first phone
number i ever
i probably love
that woman more
today than i ever
did when i was
a teenager
a good bit of
knowledge comes
with experience
if you're lucky
of course
J.J. Campbell

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