Friday, November 15, 2019

at the age
i'm at the age
where info on
dick pills shows
up in the mail
every few days
where the workers
at the hospital swear
they just saw me
the other day
where the pharmacy
already knows what
to pull when they
see me drive up
i might as well start
getting to know the
people at the funeral
like stink on shit
fear sticks on you
like stink on shit
every dark soul
can sense it when
you come around
eventually, you'll
either overcome
this or be riddled
with whatever is
coming your way
no one is buying
the tough guy act
any asshole can
drink a bottle of
jack while playing
eventually, words
will get tossed
egos will get
and you can't
always seek the
exit before blood
begins to trickle
down someone's
some of us learn
this lesson before
we start to shave
others get the luxury
of faking it before
they ever have to face
any moments of truth
used panties
a woman sent me
her used panties
over twenty years
i still put them on
my head from time
to time when the
kink decides to
rise from deep
within and the
itch needs to be
scratched in such
a way that a chill
races down the
i should have
married that
she could have
put them on my
face herself
stealing kisses between cigarettes and whiskey
anytime i hear a song
from beth orton i think
of the night we had at
a pool hall years ago
over in the corner
stealing kisses between
cigarettes and whiskey
you were amazed at
my ability to make
combo shots
and i was amazed that
i didn't try to fuck you
right there on the table
we were asked to leave
when you got a little
too loud and the owner
noticed your jeans were
unbuttoned and i had a
certain look in my eyes
we left and made sure
to have a quickie in the
parking lot
it was better for society
that we did, trust me
i haven't tasted those
lips in well over twenty
years now
don't even have a clue
if you're still alive
i'm still saving up for
that pool table, just in
gleefully accepting the pain
she had the eyes
of an assassin
she obviously
had taken a soul
or two along the
but one doesn't get
these scars without
treading with some
gleefully accepting
the pain and finding
the last ounce of
pleasure allowed
in this place
she lifted a glass of
wine to her lips and
said i'm not like the
other ones
i watched an ice cube
drown in a glass of
jack and coke and told
her the fun was just
getting started
she put her stilettos
right into my nuts
i smiled and asked if
she wanted to do this
here or somewhere
more secluded
she took off her jacket
and i finished my drink
hopefully the pills
won't fail me now
never really believed in freedom
wake up
and smell
the hypocrisy
a nation that
never really
believed in
or anything
it's all about
money and
is allowed to
have the most
and you know
damn well
you will never
be involved in
that conversation
J.J. Campbell

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