Saturday, June 1, 2019

say something-anything.

say something-anything.
say I love you.
say my name.
I want to hear the way
your lips form the words.
the way your voice carries.
let me soak it in
and play it back
on repeat-
on a loop
when I am lonely and thinking of you.

if you need me.

if you need me I will come to you
no matter how far away
I will be there
when the sun rises on the new day
I will wake you with warm kisses
and a soft touch to your face.

if you need me, my love
I will come to you
any time, any day
all you have to do is call.

the unreal.

grasp the unreal
embrace the power it gives you.
let your beliefs, concepts, fantasies
overtake your well controlled mind.
dropkick the world to the side
and become the legend
you've always wanted to be.
no judgment, no restraint
just let your thoughts go.
let the dream live on.

creative insanity.

a shot into the mind-
a creative insanity explodes
giving me a vision of a beautiful platinum blonde
lips full voicing her opinions
speaking my name
whispering I love you
as they come in for a sweet gentle kiss.

a shout in the room-
a gut wrenching scream
pulls those impressions away
jolting me back into the reality
of this snowy day
secluded in this house
so far away from the one I dearly love.

tattoos. piercings. scars. 2.

you wear your tattoos like a dazzling bouquet.
every piercing is a way to show
your desire for independence
and your scars every emotion experienced.

I watch you dance from my corner
taking in every shake
every sway of your hips.
you have imprisoned me.
enchanted me.
you embody every thought I have.
I can't turn away from you.
everyone else around me falls out of focus
I am so enthralled with you.
all my emotions shoot to the surface
and with every touch I feel like I'm about to explode.

Keith Wesley Combs

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...