Friday, March 8, 2019

how much money she wants
the next woman
that calls me
i'm simply just
going to ask how
much money she
there's no point
in the bullshit
even this jaded
fuck knows the
at war with itself
i wake up each morning
right as i'm getting ready
to fuck some beauty in
my dreams
i think it's the clearest
example that my body
is at war with itself
there are no winners
in this struggle
simply just another
day closer to death
if i had a nickel
here comes
another jesus
freak that tells
me god loves
i said if i had a
nickel for every
time someone
said that to me
i would never
have to worry
about money
again in
my life
and obviously,
god stopped
caring about
me when i
decided to
wake the fuck
up and face
the facts
he's the one
that fucked
up with the
free will
after all
they tend to catch me staring
i see these
women in
their thirties
and can tell
the ones that
played soccer
or volleyball
of course,
they tend
to catch
me staring
i'll just smile
and if they
ask, i tell
them i just
a woman
with a nice
i have learned
over the years,
the way i
to duck just
in case
stuck in that horrible
area of not being
rich and not being
poor enough to
qualify for
it makes it pretty
reasonable to
consider suicide
the most viable
would fall for
it's a short skirt
that leaves not
much to the
that's too bad
she's the type
of beauty that
my imagination
would fall for
time and time
J.J. Campbell

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