Friday, February 22, 2019

running the show
another cold day
where my arthritis
is thinking she is
running the show
eventually mr.
beam and mr.
daniels will
walk in the
take out their
big dicks
and then, it will
be a fucking party
high school basketball
i still follow my old
high school's basketball
i'm not trying to hold
on to the memories of
when i last felt relevant
because it wasn't then
i just like to see them
doing well
when you graduate from
a black high school
i love to see them beat
the shit out of these
white high schools
it's nothing but little
victories on this side
of town
that sweet taste
i've been watching
videos of black
women masturbating
in cars recently
i sniff my fingers
for the memories
teenage lust
backseat sweat
young dreams
coming true
with each passing
second there's
always a chance
of getting caught
or someone telling
someone in this
small town
but the reward
was always
worth the risk
a quarter century
later and i can
still smell that
sweet taste
burned into
my mind as the
smell of a paradise
i hope to make it
back to one day
tight uniform pants
a late afternoon
with the women
poured into tight
uniform pants
there are worse
ways for a pervert
to pass the time
common sense would be enough
i no longer fret
about being lonely
i figure it's the price
of being an individual
refusing higher education
and banking that common
sense would be enough
they want to make sure
it is as difficult as possible
for me
i like the long odds
i have always been the
fly in the ointment of life
an irritant that will linger
much longer than the side
effects suggest
one thing for sure
my life
with arthritis
has taught me
one thing for
the liquor that
really takes
away the pain
costs more than
i can afford
just my fucking
J.J. Campbell

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