Tuesday, March 6, 2018

wore off the shock
i remember when
columbine happened
and i was stunned
and every school
shooting after it
sort of wore off
the shock
the latest one
feels different
like the dumbass
picked the wrong
school or the wrong
time to want to be
of course, i'm sure
the NRA will have
a fortune or two to
spend to shut these
kids up for good
i've never lived in
a time where money
didn't rule everything
considered a grown man
another afternoon
with the old ladies
sadly, the pain is
much closer to the
same than i am
willing to admit
my mother warned
me growing up
would often
fucking suck
she never told me
it would still long
after you were
considered a
grown man
with a touch of blonde
i've always
had a weakness
for fine ass black
women with a
touch of blonde
in their hair
too bad it seems
like one that finds
poets with crazy
goatees hot as hell
simply doesn't exist
after the weekend
give me a bottle
of liquor and a
crazy woman
and i'll talk to
you after the
but it's only
my point
sweet memories
i can remember
pictures of you
from my childhood
i was never blessed
with the ability to
have sweet memories
it's usually nothing
but fucking pain on
top of more years of
fucking pain
yet another reminder
i should have never
stopped doing drugs
the powers that be
yet another
school shooting
18th this year
and it's only
and the powers
that be won't do
anything to stop
they know their
money flow stops
if they say the
wrong thing
and people dare
to wonder why
i'm happy i don't
vote and never
had any kids
J.J. Campbell

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...