Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Painting Memory Bricks

Some of the old bricks
I have painted scenery on,
depict life in
a simpler time.
Some of the buildings
I've painted are
long gone.
The memories remain
at the museum and in
the minds of old timers
who remember the former
school and a train that
used to come through town.
Life was hard, but
more laid back.
I bring the scenes to life
on the sides of the
historic bricks, still on sale
at the museum.
The bricks are all that remain.
The echoes of children playing
within those buildings can still
be heard when we go
down memory lane.

Mary Bone

Old Bud, the Cowhand

Old Bud, the cowhand,
was the best cook all around.
His biscuits were well known
along the cattle trail.
Old Bud said part of his secret to
his mouthwatering biscuits
was to use almost rotten milk.
Ranch hands would travel miles from all around
to get a taste of his baked beans and smoked ribs.
When Old Bud got too old to travel,
he opened his own Trail Hand cafe at the
end of the dusty trail.

Mary Bone

Title: Rambling Cowgirl

I am known as the rambling cowgirl

out here on the rustic trails.

The smell of supper cooking wafts

through the canyon as I make my way back

to my campsite and the chuck wagon.

My appetite gets the best of me

and I eat two bowls of red beans

that had small pieces of smoked bacon

mixed in.

The stars twinkle so bright as I roll my

saddle blanket into a pillow.

My horse, Sugarfoot, snorts as coyotes start to howl

in the distance.

Tomorrow will be another day

on the open range, in the life of

this rambling cowgirl.

Mary Bone


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