Wednesday, January 11, 2017

  Hand Gestures
            G David Schwartz
Hand gestures are there to confess yours
And when seen they may be termed mean
But this is nothing but true
So its all for you.

Sun Shines In The Sky
            G David Schwartz
Sun shimmers in the sky
Sun glimmers by and by
and i just wonder why oh why
Is it so hot by and by

            G David Schwatz 
Most books have a pre face
The face before the text
This you are reading is it
An you know what is next.

Intro: I Walked Into A Book Store
            G David Schwatz 
I walked into a book store
Just as is my habit
 thinking if I see a book
I will reach and grab it.
I have write several books (342)
and three or four have been printed
Not published (dirty word) -- alive'
But I don't see a one
I don't see a two
I don't see a three
Nor any up to 342
Ahh but in a library
Even if they don't have one
They can obtain
form a very different one
I still walk into book stores.
When ever I see one around
QAnd after grazing I ask
Is there a library around
And I'm always told.
We have three or four
and if you count the schools
We have many more.

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