Tuesday, May 17, 2016


I'd been walking down a dark and dingy
Alleyway for the last twenty years until the
Day, that joyous first moment, when She
Appeared and suddenly life had a meaning
A purpose, a way to make me feel damn
Good again

She is my Trancas beach, my Malibu sunset
The moment that will stick with through
Thick and thin; the good times to enjoy
The sand underfoot as the inevitability
Of those bad times when all we'll need is to
Sit back and work it out.


Sitting thinking of her hundreds of miles away and
How in such a short space of time she's gone from
Fantasy to reality and how now when I think of such
Things, often for someone of my age because essentially
I'm just a dirty old man; it ain't all about the fantastic
My desire for perversion, the sexy clothes to be ripped

None of this matters because when I'm with her it all just
Feels like a dream, a fantasy come real; a woman I
Just want to see, hug and be with.  Now she's reading that
First novel of mine and I thought I needed to write this to
Explain that those were fantasies of a disillusioned mind, dreamt up
Whilst horny and high

But when I return I want her to know I just love being with you
The way you are and how you make me feel and no fantasy
Could ever better that moment when I shall hold you
In my arms again, just the two of us with no bullshit
Eroticism needed to make me feel as if this is the greatest
It's been for years and years.


I sit in my room and drink beer surrounded by books of poetry
Hoping my muse will ignite but right now all I can think about is my shitty job
My shitty life and all the problems in it
Not enough money from my job
Too much money for everything else
What’s a poor old poet to do apart from drink
And hope that I can forget it all
So what am I going to do but sit here, get drunk and fuck it all up
Just because, I fucking had enough


Another night all alone just at home
And i made it through so far I think unscathed and not stoned
Just a bottle of beer, a bit of writing and some games of chess against a machine i can easily beat
But alas there is always a but what night terrors will come and torment me tonight, who knows but the beer is dead
And the chess is done so there ain’t nothing to do but go squirm uncomfortably, not stoned in bed
Shit this life is dull but what else is there to do as tomorrow is another important day on the road to recovery
But all I can wait for is the day when someone says come round I got some decent weed and we can have a smoke
Just remembering not to buy some, take it home because then, fuck, it’d be back to square one.


Another day at work and I’m falling down
Just like Michael Douglas in that film
An ordinary man at war with himself and his town at large
But now it’s Brighton not the city of Angels

I sleep badly that night as scenarios play out
In my mind as I grow scared of what my happen
If I get chastised by another idiot Londoner
During my next shift at work


I can talk about anything me
Said the man who spent all his
Time doing nothing but sitting in
His chair belching, farting occasionally
Or cheering loudly when the right
Goal went in

Locked away in a cell of his own
Headphones on, almost seemingly
Sitting there waiting for death.

But the company he keeps love him so
They beg, they plead with him
Go out and get your old self back
Only to be ignored as he grows
Angry at the news in a country
He doesn't live in, please Dad do
It just for me. I want my friend back
And Mum wants her man back and as long
As you sit there you're depriving us
Of both.

Bradford Middleton

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