Monday, March 14, 2016

Galactic Mix

Gaseous nebula’s and clouds jettisoned
Joined by a dance of multi-shaped galaxies
The spiral motions swirl about
Like powdered colors in a glass
Stirred by a magic finger
Churning together an unyielding blend
With ingredients that never seem to mix

Science Fiction Haiku

mars evolution
history long ago hid
by meteorites

aliens attack
humans eliminated
want the parking space

the star exploded
in the universes hand
fireworks of awe

landing UFO
destination the South Pole
looking for ice cubes

recent twitter message
attack of earth will start soon
tech savvy Martians

the little green men-
Sightings all around the world
Could they be insects?

maybe aliens
do not contact us because
still a little green

entering orbit
not a spaceship, a creature
eats space satellites

loud firecracker
who lit big bag fuse, unknown
or dark gravity

passing above
ship or star
both answer

Iceland Ceremony

Long before man
Stood one world
Us like ants with sticks
Lines are drawn in sand
Each set or sides
With different rules
Ants that think like gods
Gather pretend visions
In all the long wait
The clouds with the air
Seas and mountains
Make jokes about us
Lets have all the sticks
Too, destroy and carry
Thrown in a volcano
In Iceland ceremony

Two Tanka

while on Pluto
commander sees an object
glow in the distance
walking up to find a sign
in red ink, not a planet

do aliens dream?
of inhabitable planets
with other life forms
do they call them aliens?
or do they call them neighbors

Spaces Dreams

See billion specks
Of fast moving stars
On the edges
Speeding by clearly
Slowly slowing down
Upon a world or place
In a point unfathomable
Descriptions get lost
Once touched by rays
Human hand disappears
A dance of dreams
With unnamed galaxies

Denny E. Marshall 

chaos is   chaos is currency in these troubled times   chaos is two star-crossed lovers mainlining the future   chaos is...