Thursday, December 10, 2015

Angel Call

Lost in the woods walking at night
Hoping to find a guiding light
Take a wrong step and you can fall
In the sky, hear an angel call

Life is a storm blowing like sand
Signs can be hard to understand
The answers no one has them all
In the sky, hear an angel call

Pathways can be lonely and dark
The fire can lose magic and spark  
Hear a voice say time to stand tall
In the sky, hear an angel call

Close Open Eyes

Looking for a wish just to sleep
Instead of restless find the deep
After telling the night good-byes
Wish I could close my open eyes

To get lost and find the lost dreams
Before awaking, break the seams
In darkened colors changing dyes
Wish I could close my open eyes

Ceiling is a friend lying awake
Was too much caffeine the mistake?
Float away with a bourbon rye
Wish I could close my open eyes


If I wrote a poem about her
I would sign my name
The words might make me embarrassed
Though never ashamed

Of watching a beautiful angel
Touching window frames
Or looking beneath the surface
Washing in her flames

My calm soul you turned into a
Endless hurricane
Since I looked into your blue eyes
Nothing is the same

Your depth, your beauty, all of you
Wraps my heart in chains
There is nothing about you that
Makes me feel ashamed

A.I.M. High

Art is a journey
Song the ritual
Dance is ceremony
Poems my soul
"Inca" plete without them
Enjoy the medley
Euthusi "Aztec" ly

Tag (Poe It)

He asked me
"Are you a poet?”
I avoided answering
And asked the question
"Are you a cook?"
Though you cook your own meals
"Are you a maid””
He answered "No"
Though he cleaned his own house
I asked, "Are you a dishwasher”"
He said "No"
Now I understood
Where that terrible smell
Was coming from
I stood up and said" Good–bye"
"And yes, I am a poet"
As I left
I hurried
I only had twenty minutes
To get to my factory job

A Place To Hide

Let my eyes close
Let me sleep
Somewhere to hide out
Out of your reach
Let me have a break
From thoughts of you
Before I start
To break in two
Let me dream for a long time
Don’t want to wake up
To wishing, you were mine
Turn the switch off
On my heart
Your rays are breaking
Me all apart
I toss and turn
Wake to the night
Hurry back to sleep
Before I see your light

Denny E. Marshall

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...