Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Singular Repast

We are to each other now
many decades later
what we were the day 

we got married, a couple 
at the kitchen table on 
a summer night—she  

a slice of watermelon, 
corners touching the ceiling,
covering my face in juice 

and I the corn she butters 
before she devours it. 
We eat as fast as we can.

Donal Mahoney

Makes Forever Shorter

When a bullet goes in
and doesn’t come out
you read about it 
in the paper, hear 
about it on TV.

A person takes a bullet
near the heart and learns 
a surgeon can't remove it. 
It's part of him forever. 
Happens like a drive-by

shooting when a loved one 
makes a comment no
apology can remove.
The loved one doesn't
know there’s a problem, 

doesn’t realize lightning
through the cerebellum  
is by far a better option. 
Doesn't let the victim linger. 
Makes forever shorter.

Donal Mahoney

The Canyon Dwellers

There’s this canyon 
between two cliffs
and Tim Boyd has a foot
planted on each cliff.
He’s spread-eagled 
but very steady.

He's been stretched
over the canyon since 
he got back from Iraq.
After he took his position,
he thought someone 
would eventually look up.

There are others
spread over the canyon
in front of Tim. 
They’ve been there
since Viet Nam and
getting a bit wobbly.

In back of Tim
are the new arrivals
spread-eagled as well.
They’re fresh from
Afghanistan and they're
getting their feet set. 

The rest of us below
have jobs and are busy
with families and lives. 
When a canyon dweller falls 
and makes a terrible mess, 
we find the time to look up.

Donal Mahoney

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