Friday, March 13, 2015

FIFE SONG 2: J.S. Manifold      [Stefanie Bennett]

... Memoirs do their own
Inane conjurings.
Hearing your voice
These many years past,
John Streeter...
The persistent oratory,
The burlesque
Playback – ‘you could tell     [1/.]
He was styled
As a poet – he wore
Those abominable
Changeable hats!’

This ambiguous land’s still the Godhead
Ghosts get fostered in.
I listened to
A fife being played
Along Sydney Street. Familiar notes.
Yours. Furbished
Long before
The days
Of rendezvous with
The Albert Hall
And the bitter embattlement
Of Crete.

Stepping sideways to avoid
The foot-traffic
You’d not recognise...
The non-ideas
Of a “new world”
In the unmaking
                          I say
- You took your leave just in time!
Thought engineers
Sell us
Too posthumously,
Too cheap –.

So, where land-bridge meets
Both sea wall
And shore – stretching
All the way out
To ‘the heads’
                      - I wonder
How much ash
Is you
Ah –. Whistle deep, now. Bass
Booming... !
A sonnet wings
Then sweeps
To the storm bird’s soaring.

[John Streeter Manifold 1915-1985 was known
as ‘the partisan for peace’ poet. b. Australia.
1/. quote: Anon].

THE VELVET SEPARATION ‘93      [Stefanie Bennett]

And I can no longer tell
The victor from
The vanquished –,

But I know a raven when
I see one heavy
With the weight

Of terrestrial star systems
On each
Wing tip

Come land amid
The mysterious

Of sunflowers – and
Abraham’s Theme

Whistling free...


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