Sunday, February 15, 2015

Saving the Chickens

It’s the last day 
at the Taj Mahal Indian Buffet
with chicken tandoori  
steaming on a silver tray 
centerpiece of a rainbow array 
of vegetables and rice. 

No customers today  
as three ladies outside 
march back and forth
placards high 
deploring the slaughter
of innocent chickens. 

They’ve given up their
lunch hour again today
before going back to work
at the clinic for women
who want to exercise 
their reproductive rights.

Donal Mahoney

World Cup

The ISIS Brit
tall in the desert

blade by his side
talks to the camera

severs the head 
of the orange infidel

kneeling beside him 
kicks the head

across the sand
while the world 

has a beer
in its coliseum

deaf to Satan
shouting “Goal!

Donal Mahoney

What the Doctor Doesn’t Say

It’s a simple procedure
I’ve done for years
many times a day.

You'll go home this afternoon,
take it easy over the weekend,
go back to work on Monday.

Insurance covers the cost.
No one has a problem
except the fetus.

Donal Mahoney

Different Sides of Same Coin

Hands Up!
Don’t Shoot!

Pants Up!
Don’t Loot!

Donal Mahoney

Income Equality

Wilbur’s always lived 
in the navel of society,
lost in the lint
of the middle class.

His parents lived there too.
So will his children if they
fail to win the lottery.
Not a problem for Wilbur.

From his navel he can
see the poor sweat 
at jobs they died for.
When he looks up 

he can see the rich bet 
on stocks and then relax 
with wine and caviar.
That's the way the world works.

Wilbur's father told him
it’s always been that way
and always will be.
And like his father 

Wilbur knows the world 
will always have its Castros 
wanting to parcel out 
what Donald Trump has.

No wonder, Wilbur says.
Income equality can’t reign
until the world ends or 
pygmies play in the NBA. 

Donal Mahoney

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...