Wednesday, December 31, 2014

FARES, PLEASE    [Stefanie Bennett]
All journeys begin in the sleep-worn
Valley of naughts and crosses;
Double innuendoes – and
The price of a one-way ticket.
Odysseus, alter ego of the self
Ghosts in with ass and oxen
To warn, “Whatever you tell
Will be held against us”.
Surely! But, my armour was always
Loosely fitted; the beggar
Disguise overtly tight.
Have I confused you? That
Wasn’t my intention. Why – you could
Go back to
‘Next station’s yours’:
There at least I expound –,
‘Fares please!’
Mine is a life-pass.
THE ANGEL    [Stefanie Bennett]
Light the pipe
Of strife,
It will not
Harm you...
Peace, coiled
By a human-
May lift
A million
Angry men
To “go”
- Tell it
Like a joke.
The “fear’s”[?]
... Natural.
SPOOF, IN PROGRESS   [Stefanie Bennett]
Quickly, Pablo! Invert the canvas... Upon us
Attests the ‘Book of the Dead’. *
Add crocus yellow
Spiked with garnet
To line her eyelash before
The flash of life fades.
Rouge, I tell you, won’t soften
The cheek. Instead
- Fashion the brow’s panorama
And dimple a linden reed
That pipes melodic.
Master of the cuneiform palette...
Let’s forfeit
The signature corner.
And our Philadelphia
Vixen are
(*Muriel Rukeyser)

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