Saturday, October 26, 2013

     At the beginning of 2013, few Americans...
Except those in the DMV and near military bases knew,
     The extent to which our government contracted itself out,
The more temporary, private employees, the less the federal payroll grew.
     But then came Edward Snowden,
His NSA disclosures still dribbling out,
     Dollar darling Defense running ramrod over personal privacy,
Because, well funded, it could..our military industrial complex gone "walkabout!"
     In the sixteen day government shutdown, "good cents!"
Congress authorized furlough pay for bonafide civil servants alone, 
     Just imagine if all federally related workers had been compensated,
Beltway Bandits thrown off the gravy train...hear them moan!
     And now we have the ObamaCare website,
Hundreds of millions of dollars- and counting - for another wonder of the world of "the unseen,"
     Maybe it's time to put government's functions back on its balance sheet,
For transparency, accountability, and ultimately to make it LEAN.
     Perhaps the answer to our woes is to increase federal employment,
While decreasing - or eliminating - those involved in outsourcing and its oversight,
     Using contractors only for what civil servants absolutely cannot do,
Will trim the worker FAT off the public dole in the long run, and give us Government LITE.
     Thirty years plus of following Reagan's lead has led US to this dysfunction,
Where's the BEEF? By now, we should know and be aghast,
     An issue to consider in elections this year and the midterms of next,
Resolve to make this Year of the Contractor, this nation's last!
Karen Ann DeLuca

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