Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Western Woman"
Burning lady driving towards the sun
Trails of dust make life a little fun
Rules are for the weak of mind
Laws to bend the crooked lonely time
Race against the sun's majesty
One more sunrise would be a tragedy
Burning lady, which way are we goin'?
"Whichever way the wind is a-blowin'."

"Wicked Lust"
Reaching and writhing
Look and never touch
It's all on a platter
Greasy with lust
Small white teeth
And eyes oh so large
Crawling towards me
Now It is in charge
Hard headed and out of reach
Big eyes closed. Slurred speach.
Time now runs away
Maddening the dogs
Kept at bay

"We head West"
my reality, oh it drowns me
my imagination, it now surrounds me
yet my heart burns hot, always in both
and here in life, i am strengthened by hope
because tomorrow just has to get better
there is no other way the sun sets
all of us all are one, we are always together
in our life and in death, we're all headed west

"Hydra Madness"
Alone and drifting in the sea
Miles and miles below
An aqua-goddess came to me
In an orange glow
She showed me the reefs and chiefs
And her jewels and pearls
Beauty that light will never see
She cloaks it from our world
We swam up for miles and miles
To bathe in the burning sunset
As the moon lights our smiles
I'm glad that I forgot to forget

"Tripping Violent"
I walked to the home
Of the one-eyed craze
Living life in a wise
Stupor and a grand haze
Tripping violent--- breathing walls
Lighting matches--- burn it all
One eye to see
All of the world
Two eyes to see
Nothing more

"Too Many Fools"
Too many fools
Drowning in drool
Babbling insanity
Illicit creal profanities
Point in every different direction
Stiffened necks surround
Iron perfection
Smoke is pouring from the hills
It is all burning
And screaming so shrill
It's all on fire, a grueling dirge
Choke the silence
With no words
Dance wild and strange
Dance forever flames

Drew Epps

my ego would like to believe   i got an email from an old girlfriend yesterday   she told me how she stumbled upon my ...