Saturday, March 24, 2012


Trapped like an animal in a cage,
So many motions building up in a rage!
I look out the window life passes me by,
In this empty room I sit and cry.
Feeling so different from others,
Sometimes I just want to smother.
Trying to fit into life so many times,
My heart and soul is in a bind.
Doctors, hospitals do all they can,
I feel as if the world has me banned.
Often wishing for God to take me home,
I know this is wrong so I continue to roam.
Why am I broken? I do not understand,
People try to help with praying of their hands.
My body and mind feels bound with rope,
This gives me fear without any hope.
Too many people have hurt me so much,
I live my life in a hopeless crunch.
It’s so lonely being here alone,
Sometimes I get a call on the phone.
My mood changes from day to day,
I want to be well I pray and pray.

“The Little Girl”

The little girl always huddled in the corner,
Biting her nails down to the bone!
He would show up from work to home.
The first time she was thrown into the lake,
Thank God her brother dove in for her sake!
She also recalls being locked behind cellar doors,
Screaming and crying to get out to no avail!
The cellar was damp with a terrifying smell.
She must have fallen asleep in fright!
She must have stayed there into the night.
It’s all so strange to her this very day,
She really can’t recall ever getting out,
Wonders if the little girl is still there some way?

Linda Hunter

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...